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Being On The Outside



Today I sit on the patio outside. I asked.I was told the charge nurse had to be told because who would be responsible.

Then I was outside.

Funny how my moody blew free in the breeze and my heart warmed in sunlight.

Problem Thoughts stuck on the screen door insisting to be revived by anxiety but my feet tingled with the memory of waltzing through uncut grass.

What has come over me that even the reflection in the glass seemed straighter thinner taller and smiling.no.grinning.

Outside looking up towards blue going up til space makes me dizzy.

Outside I am alone except for the birds I hear all around me and faeries on the ivy.

Outside smells earthy clean. Soft light envelopes me in a misty shadow or is that my vision problems.

Time moves faster outside.

Time for lunch


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I feel like you do when I am sitting out in the sun, freer, lighter, happier.  Glad you had some time outside, it is soooo good for you.

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It was good to read your blog as I was just pondering whether it was worth going out today and facing the sun.  Perhaps I need to set a chair outside to begin to live again outside.  It does always rejuvenate me.  You are definitely a poet.  keep the coming,  good for all of us.

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Thank you for another lovely, poetic post. You have a wonderful way of using imagery. I can almost feel my feet dancing on uncut grass and smell the earthiness outside. Please keep posting.

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Good for you Glad that you are getting outside and enjoying the sunshine.  It's sooooo good for you

Take care and keep the posts coming


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