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1 more week



I get my cast off next week. Im so excited. My OT is going to do some e-stim with me to get my fingers moving again. She makes it sound like I can do whatever I want like all we have to do is some e-stim so I can remember how to open my hand again and I'll be good as new. It is pretty exciting but at the same time Im kinda trying not to get my hopes up too high. Its kinda surreal like what's the first thing Im going to do with my new hand? Probably wash my hands! lol I have not been able to put my hands together in forever. I also want to feel my hair but I gotta get my shoulder strong enough to lift up my arm.


I am also back to exercising. I have been walking 2 miles a day on the treadmill and cut out fast food and sodas. I really want to lose weight so I can fit in my old clothes. It is hard trying to find bigger clothes at the store. Its like everything is size small and medium. Im going to try to keep my diet and exercise going for the rest of summer. I always feel better after I get off the treadmill. Its so hot during the day and raining every night so I dont get to walk my dog very far anymore.


When I was at the rec center I saw my old english teacher. I'd never met her before but she used to get my assignments together and grade my work when I was home bound. I also found out that she uses my story to inspire her students at the beginning of every school year not to give up. She has my news articles, video, and everything. I was so surprised. I didnt even know she would remember me, yet include me in her curriculum. It made me feel good. I guess I really am an inspiration to people I dont even know


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Fantastic!  You are a role model, and always will be. You might not think so when the going gets tough and you feel down but it is the fact that you come good again that makes you a champion. 

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Katrina, I don't always read blogs, but the title of yours piqued my curiosity, so I read it, and then the one before it, and I kept reading until I understood your surgery. YOU HAVE 1- A NEW JOB, 2- NEW APT. 3- NEW LOVE INTEREST 4- NEW SEIZURE MEDS 5- AND HAVE HAD SURGERY ON YOUR HAND! All in a span of what, 2 mos. or so? WOW, GIRL! Rock on! It does my heart good to see you happy! Ibet that hand heals to the point where you can do things with it that you couldn't do before. So happy for you!   Becky

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That is great news. Yes, you are a great role model, i love the way , you don't give up.


So happy for you, keep on trucking on.



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You make a difference just being you so why work hard doing otherwise.


I faced big dissappointments because my body betrayed my trust it would last until I was really old. All we question may not be answered I know but I could live with excuses. Always grateful for good changes that are arround the corner.

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