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My new wrist



hands together

Today I got my cast off and I put my hands together for the first time in 15 years. The first thing I did was wash my hands. It felt soo good. Ever since my stroke I was only washing my good hand by itself but today I actually rubbed my hands together. My OT said I can get a manicure soon. It does not feel real. It feels like Im dreaming. I dreamed about this day forever. You guys know I have gone through so much emotionally I just wanted to die because I could not feel my fingers. I would stay up all night trying to fall asleep with the splint on my hand. I was picked on and self conscious because of my arm and wrist. The list goes on. But all of that is over. My wrist will be straight forever. I only have to work on straightening my elbow and moving my fingers which is a whole lot easier without my wrist being tight and bent and my fingers being clinched! Instead of feeling like Im wasting time in therapy going through unnecessary pain, I am looking forward to therapy. I already have a list of things I want to do with my left hand or both hands. Im so glad I got a good surgeon and finally a OT who believes in me. I am so excited. This is so amazing!


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Katrina :


you persisted  & found right people who helped u achieve ur dreams & got your left hand open. I feel  should follow ur footsteps & not give up on my left hand & try to find OT & doctor who can do magic like yours. I blame myself for finding happiness & contentment in life again with my disability.



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The picture of the smile on your face brought a smile to my face, and tears to my eyes. You're right, you've been thru enough with your wrist and hand. May your rehab be easy and quick.    Becky

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Wow!  How exciting.  I just cannot even imagine how this must have felt for all those years.  Finally  be able to just wash your hands is wonderful!! I can feel your happiness in your comment and then in your face.    Happy clapping!    Marcia

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Katrina, I'm so happy for you my dear the cast is off now it's been a  long time with one hand for you.... I am about in the same boat with one side paralyzed so I can only use my right hand so that is very hard trying to reach my right side with my left hand to do anything for my right side like washing up and using lotion on my skin.....

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This is amazing news, and thank you for this wonderful, joyous photo! Congratulations on your persistence paying off in such a big way. :)

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I am so happy for you! I have had my consultation for the surgery,and am waiting for an appointment. I would love to talk to you about what to expect.could you please  pm. Me?   Thanks

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Thanks Kelli, I am excited about the surgery and nervous at the same time, just want to get it done and over. I hope my hand looks as good as Katrina's.

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Jan, lots and lots of hope your surgery is as successful as Katrina's.  We'll be waiting to hear your news, and see a smile as beautiful as Katrina's!  Best wishes  :hug:

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