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I wore it out!!



I got a Bowflex exercise machine about six months before my stroke. For six months it made a nice clothes rack and one more thing to dust. Then my stroke in Dec 2006. As soon as I got home from the hospital and was able I started to use it. Just a little at first, then as I was able I used it more.


Now the good news. The roller seat no longer worked because of wear. The resistance rods also lost all their resistance and now sag uselessly. So a new seat has been installed and I turned the rods around to give them new life for a bit until I can buy new ones.


The really good news is that the machine gave me new life even as I am now giving it new life. Funny how we can get so happy over simple things. I am now remembering the somber thoughts I had when I first began the exercise program over nine years ago. How hopeless it seemed at the time. How I watched others in rehab more able than myself. How I selfishly wished I could do the same as they could. Now I am repairing one of the items that helped get me where I am today.


It has been a long road, hard at times, and I certainly did not do all I could have and should have done. But I was able to outlast my exercise machine!


Anyway, I guess I have gone on about a machine long enough.


A bit of really exciting news for me. I have been coaching a lady that has exactly the same type of colitis that I have. Less than two out of 100,000 people have it, so not a lot of help out there. We met on a Facebook page we both write on. She is new to the program that has healed me. She asked me for some help and I have been coaching her on the program. Today she reported to me she is well now and feeling better than she has in a long time, her stomach and intestine acting normally now with out pain. Yes, I shared the great moment of excitement with her. I have never met her and probably never will, but we have a common bond now.


Since it afternoon and I no longer drink coffee after noon and it is 1PM, my coffee cup will have to remain empty until tomorrow.


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George it is always good to find someone you can help.  I know your blog here has helped a lot of people over the years.  I think it is great you can repair your Bowflex and get more use out of it, I am a great believer that you recycle and reuse rather than just throwing things out and getting a new one.

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George :


I feel same way about my treadmill the first one died on me. I tell hubby i lasted longer because of that treadmill & it took my hit lol. hubby is no fixer so we dumped that treadmill in garbage & got new one. It has lot of bells & whistle where as I use my simple speed & inclination feature & enjoy walking on it all day long.



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That is great new  George.   Well done, you outlast a Bowflex. Good job.  And great that you helped someone, it makes you feel good inside.


Keep it up



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