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Finally, Something Changed



As I was saying, my boss talked to me one day about a friend of hers. He and his wife were looking to move and he was going to rent out his house. She said she would get all the information from him and let me know. My manager (boss) has been my friend sorta and I have worked with her 8 out of the 1 years. We used to live in the same apartment bldg. just 2 floors between us and we have sorta been buddies for a long time. When she called me back she told me that she had let her friend know that I am a good renter as long as my rent can be stable. OMG He told her I could rent the house at very reasonable price per month he was just worried that we wouldn't stay very long and he wasn't moving back into the house. She let him know that it would not be a problem she knew it wouldn't. I hadn't even seen the house and I screamed "Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course we will take it! We don't have a written lease we just rent by the month and he and I talked about the important things without all the paperwork. He told me to treat it like my own. Paint the walls, plant flowers...anything. Two trash cans and a recycle can was included and they picked up every Tuesday. He grew up with all the neighbors on the street and they all know him and don't be shy to as them for anything. (This area of my city is not the poshest...but my 2 blocks of neighborhood are really great! Just across the main street from my house there is a well known 18-hole golf course. Down the road is a University...and down a different road is a historical Germantown part of my city. The house is small only about a 1000 sq.ft. but it has been renovated recently and it was perfect. It is a very light rose color...I WAS GOING TO LIVE IN A PINK HOUSE! He even provided a HE washer and dryer that one sits on the other because a regular washer and dryer cannot fit. It was practically brand new and full size! I gave mine to my sister. God was watching and He had answered some very big prayers...


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A pink house sounds great and in a nice if not posh area.  I think we sometimes get exactly what we want, not all the time because we have to learn that some things are worth waiting for.

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Its so much fun to know tidbits of your life through your blogs. I am intrigued to know how story of your life will unfold now. hope & pray you make right choices for yourself & your family so that you guys can create better destiny for your life. In life we all get second chances but so much time we waste looking  & knocking old closed doors.  someone once told me in life there are always seasons in life, how long each season lasts is based on choices we make



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I tell you a stroke changes your life, it did me, and here I am still living my life as best I can with my loving wife still by my side thank God all mighty....

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