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Where Is My Water Cooler...



For the past month I have anticipated the arrival of something new, something for some reason I have held onto like a child waiting for a present to arrive. It's actually my daughter's but she got it for all of us to use. A water cooler that has immediate cold or hot water come out of its spigot when you press a button. That means no more buying big packs of bottled water, if I want hot tea I can just push a button and the hot water will flow into my cup and all I need is a tea bag, oh and there's hot chocolate, cold water when I'm hot or even room temperature water when I fill up the Keurig. It was supposed to be here on Sept. 7 and then I called Costco and said no one came so they called and reached out to me and said it will be tomorrow the 8th. Seems the type of cooler I ordered had not come in yet. The 8th passed and still no cooler. :crying: I was utterly let down and the next day I was determined to talk to someone. I called Costco again and they gave me a number to call. It was in another state but I talked with a very nice gentlman who assured me it would be here on the 13th. Another day with no delivery :mellow: don't they understand that my body is going through craziness just waiting :Jumpy: . He then said that the person was sick that day and now it is scheduled on the 15th. Did it come? NO NO NO I called the very nice gentleman back and was not as nice as him this time...he kept apologizing and said he had been told it would be delivered. He will not be working tomorrow but he is going to get his assistant on it and she will call me and he will call me on Saturday when he is back at work. I am still waiting today trying to be calm :microwave: ...


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I was struck by your last sentence "I am still waiting today trying to be calm" (my copy and past has never worked)  this is what we all want tracy and in my experience never find.

to this end I have recently obtained a little book zen meditation.  I am not sure what this little experiment will offer but I have read a few pages today with the thought that I will read a few pages tomorrow.


best luck on your cooler!!



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Thank you so much David. I found my "thing" today to stay calm. I am making a really workable file system and have been sorting papers lots of them. I am now very excited about it and look forward to finishing it. I will feel so proud...now that is something my cooler will never do. 

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Tracy :


don't worry about it. you have ordered it & its going to get delivered.don't get attached to things it brigs in disappointments. just go with flow in life. When we tightly try to hold  things or control it creates unnecessary anxiety in life. Thats the biggest lesson I learnt. after stroke. ifcourse from time to time I forget that golden teaching but now I can always recenter myself whenever I slip into old habits



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