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Wish Me Luck...



I go in for a same day surgery to help with a female problem I am having. Not everyone wants to know about this so if you don't just stop now LOL. I have endometrial hyperplasia and it has caused for the past year and a half to bleed like I'm dying. I have only been not anemic once for 3 months in thta past year and a half. When I had the stroke my Hemoglobin was 7 and my hematocrit was 23 with 0 iron stores. Needless to say Iron pills do not help me so since about a month after the stroke I have gotten Iron Infusions about every 3 months. The time before last I was clearly not anemic and my iron stores were 112. I didn't have to have an infusion. One month later after having a 5 week long period (ofcourse way excessive bleeding) I am now anemic again. Just barely my hemoglobin was 12 and my iron stores are 60. I have a great Doctor and I insisted on him. Vanderbilt is so big that they make arrangements for you to see a Doctor in their practice. They are all top of the line but I like my Dr. and they have made sure that is who sees me. When I first came to Strokenet I talked a little bit about it and at the time was thinking I was going to have a hysterectomy. Many of you spoke up and were I think bothered that I would choose a hysterectomy. I actually was told it can be treated with an IUD that secretes Progestin. But I am terrified of anything hormonal going into my body plus I already take a whole medicine cabinet of meds and this was just one more thing I would have to deal with. The reason I am so afraid of Progestin was 2 weeks before my stroke I was given Medroxyprogesterone to stop my period. It wouldn't stop and I had become dangerously anemic. The day after i finished my last pill I had a stroke. I think anybody in my position would feel the same way. My Dr. listens to me and hears my fears and gives me options that no one else has. He said he work with me every few months if he has to doing D&C and hysteroscopy to ensure cells are not changing. I have an increased risk of cancer and he wants to be thorough. He said he will do all this and there will be no IUD and no hysterectomy. I pray that I find some relief after this week. I can't explain to you how it felt to be extremely anemic and having had a stroke. I was so weak, never a coma or paralysis but a weakness, tiredness that I can't explain. I will refuse hormone replacement therapy if I ever have to have a hysterectomy or when I go through menopause. I know for many you want understand. Losing those hormones can make you feel like you are losing your mind...I remember my mother and all she went through. I will refuse it anyway. It terrifies me...it scares me literally to death. So Wednesday is S day and a new adventure begins...


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Kristen I am really glad it worked for you so well. At least at this point I can't say that I will ever try it. I just know I won't right now. But it's good to hear positive experiences.

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Thank You Sarah for the encouragement. I've already told my doctor that if they find one thing thta is out of sorts to just get it all out. I'd much rather deal with menopause than deal with anemia, a stroke, and cancer. I think you are the first person to say hey Tracy you'll be fine and glad when it's over. I really appreciate the support.

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Well ladies it is all over, I', back home and have slept the most incredible 6 hiurs! Everything went just fine and I'll have all results from biopsies from endometrial tissue in no more than 3 days.Yay!!!!! I will tell you a funny storry and it was all a strokey moment. Because my procedure was with a gynecologist specialist they require every woman to have a pregnancy test. So I went to the bathrrom with my little collection cup in hand sat on the nearby table and sat down.....and peeeeeeed. In the toilet. I looked back up at the cup and just closed my eyes angry at myself. So I did the wobble, shake, press om ny bladder, whatever I could think of and I got exactly 1 drop. The nurse had to hook me up to a saline push to get me to go again which took an hour and held everyone up who were waiting for me. OOPS  

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