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Lost crown on a back molar



This happened3 weeks ago. Our dentist was on vacation therefore the office could only put the crown back on with temporary glue. The temp job lasted three days. So we had it put on temporarily twice. Finally the dentist comes back and William refuses to go. I had to cancel the appointment. I reschedule for next week. The office wants me to buy temp glue at the pharmacy and replace the crown. But I doubt that William will let me. So I will just wait until Thurs and pray that William will go.

I got the flu . Pneumonia and tetanus shot for William last week. I had them inject the left arm. He can not feel on the left side. I got the flu and a tetanus shot. We have not had a tetanus shot in awhile.

I still take William to the pool and manage to get 5 days of the week done. I skipped yesterday and will skip today.

I have started exercising my dogs. I walk them a little over a mile a day. Thy get a bath after their walk and then they nap with William.

William has been having Gi issues. This has me busy doing loads and loads of laundry. I have been pushing yogurt and probiotic. Plus because of the missing crown I have him on a soft diet of soup and yogurt.

Life goes on and I am getting used to full time caregiver.


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Ruth, life is never straight forward, it is always one step forward and two steps back.  You do well in all you do for William, he is a stubborn man at times and I understand that as Ray was too.  So gentle persuasion and kind words sometimes helped when common sense failed. Maybe remind him of the good foods he can have when all of this is over... hope that works for you.

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Ruth, you are doing great as a caregiver. It was only after having my stroke, and


coming on Strokenet, that I though of you wonderful caregivers,bless you.


I hope William will go to get the crown taken care of, men, they can be like donkeys.



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