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LColonoscopy tomorrow



I am signed in as William. I cannot sign in as Ruth. I am the caregiver to my husband William , who had his stroke in Dec. 2008. It is hard to believe that so much time has gone by.

Well, I am still taking care of myself. Getting that colonoscopy done. I can remember the 1st one when I turned 50. I think that I had one 5 years later. But I am not sure. I am now 62. So I decided to have another one done. Particularly since me job maybe ending. The company that I work has lost their contract. I do Medicare prior authorizations for Aetna.

I am planning on having that great liquid and jello diet today. I had very little to eat yesterday. I sort of started prepping yesterday. Now I sit with me cup of coffee and watch the news. I have walked the dogs. There is a new procedure that my coworker used. I am going to do the same. Ducolsx tablets. And I cup of miralax in 32 oz of fluid (that is not red or purple). Twice . Once at noon and again at night.

Needless to say, I am at home today. Staying close to the bathroom. No wandering too far from home today.

I did yoga last week. It is an amazing way to limber up. I do not understand why I cannot do this on my own. I just tried. And the dogs were all over me. I was trying to do child's pose. Suzie Q tries to climb under my arms and Mumbles is pawing at my arm , try to get me to pet him.

My work is seasonal. It is ramping down now. There is not as much work this time of year.

If I am not chosen to continue and am cut. Then I am seriously thinking of retiring. I will continue to work if I am chosen to continue. Time is coming when they will give us their decision.

I cannot believe that I forgot my fins at the gym. This is the first time since I got them that I have left them and lost them. I will go and buy a new pair today.

We did make it to church on Sunday. I took William to the 11 service. He was very happy to go.

I think that the gym is a pass today. My bowels are gurgling. I need to stay at home.

I made an early morning appt. last time I had an early afternoon procedure and I was so thirsty. There is nothing by mouth after midnight and the solution that I drank was salty. I was miserable. This time very early in the morning and the caregiver will be there to take care of William. But. Today I am the caregiver.

Yes. Life is good. Change is what we come to expect.

Oh yes. I changed the air filter and the compartment filters is the cars. I did this by watching Utube videos. It was easy. You can get directions for everything from the Internet.

I have been making some crotchet dolls that me neighbor told me about. They are really cute.


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Ruth, that was what my appointment was about this morning and thank God I don't have to do any more colonoscopies the doctor told me and my wife so I'm all smiles..... Tell William hello from Fred and one day I hope to call you all and stop in or by again since it's been 5 or more years since I seen both of you there in Houston....


I'm coming up on 75 in July so I was glad to hear no more wandering if I had anything or had to do the colon thing....

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When I had my last colonoscopy the nurse came in when it was over and told me I got an A+ for prep...I never knew you could fail at that part. A couple months prior to that I had one that they said I needed a do over because I had been taking iron pills per my doctor and they said my colon was as black as a coal mine. The things we learn...

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Ruth, one day at a time.  When the decision is made then you can make your summer plans.  Hope the colonoscopy results are as good as Fred.

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Ruth - good to hear from you and thank you for the update. I sure don't envy you the colonoscopy, certainly. Do let us know about the job. My best to William and the little puppies. Debbie

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It sounds like you are keeping busy Ruth.  The colonoscopy prep is the same one I took the last time.  It seemed to be easier.  


Hope you can retire.  You will have enough to do with taking care of William and your puppies.  


Take care,


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