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How do you enter Chat?



I cannot believe it. I was going to enter chat. But it has been so long that I do not know how to enter chat.

But I will take this free time to update William and My life. Wm had his stroke December 2008. I cannot believe that we have come thru almost 8 years. But, time flies no matter what you are doing. We have gotten used to our new life.


I am still working. But, we got notice at my work that they lost the contract with Aetna insurance. I do medicare part D prior authorization as a pharmacist. So they gave us notice that we would have until around May 31st as our last day. So we may be eligible for severance and unemployment. But they fired 8 co-workers on my floor today. and a bunch more that are on the 20th floor. I presume that they are trying to save money by firing some of us and that will make us ineligible for severance and unemployment. They also told us that half of us would be safe and transferred to a different department. But, who knows for sure. It is day by day.


In away I was sort of glad. That meant that I might retire. But then I would miss work and the interactions with my coworkers. Fortunately for me. I am almost ready to retire. But, time will tell.


The therapeutic pool that William goes to daily has been closed for 1 week now. One more week and then William can return to the pool workout. They are fixing that pool. I tried taking him to another pool. But it was too cold. He lasted all of 10 minutes. All of the time griping. So I didn't repeat that trip.


The 3 little dogs are really a joy. They are such a great addition. William gets to love them and pet them and order them about. Dogs always just love him and forget when he wants to get angry and shout at them.


The scooter that I bought Wm has not been used too much. I need to get him to ride it more. In fact that reminds me that I need to leave a message for the caregiver.


He did get to go see a movie with the caregiver last week. (About miracles). I hope to make it to that one day soon.


If I do retire.. then I may have to think about moving closer to my son. But , the thought of moving is so daunting. I am used to this part of town and our home.


I did get the taxes done. I will send the IRS their money on Thurs the 15th.


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Ruth good to hear from you.  I'm glad you and William are doing well.  If you need to get into chat, Sue or one of the others can help you.  I have not been on for some time but had no trouble getting on last time with my new computer.  


Sorry about your job.  Maybe this could be a turning point in your life and you can think about the move or just enjoying the dogs and doing things with William.


Take care and let us know if you retire.



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http://www.strokechat.net/ is what I use Ruth though others go in via the chat schedule.


Sorry about the job but that may give you some new options. I am glad William is still okay after eight years, my how time flies. You would be very welcome in chat, Sally and i love it when people come back.  It is like High School reunion only without the wrinkles...lol.



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Ruth: I go to the message board and on the right is Chat Rooms. In blue ink is Chat Schedule, click on that and then when you get to the calendar, up about just click on Chat Rooms. There is a new window if you use Java - just check run or yes (I forget which one).


So good to hear from you and thank you for the update on William, you and the little puppies - LOL.


This is a hard decision for you, about work. I know you love what you do and enjoy having something for yourself. This is a turning point year for Bruce and I, as well. I may have to go back to work part time - LOL.


You will weigh the options and I know, make the right decision for you and William. Do keep up updated. Always good to hear from you. Debbie

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hi ruth :

click on

http://strokechat.net/%C2'> enter your user name & select flash  & then click on connect button a chat window will show u & in ledt side of window you will see room click any rrom you want to enter

& you wil have option to select join room or refresh select join room  & you wil be in that room to chat with other chatters. hope this instructions help & we will see you soon in our chatroom.



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