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October 18



Today is my stroke anniversary but Im glad the day is almost over. I woke up feeling so depressed. Instead of celebrating this milestone and all the great things that have happened this year (mainly just getting my wrist straight), I just kept wondering what my life would be like if I never had the stroke. I don't want to hear any encouragement. I know I've accomplished so much, life could be worse, just be thankful, etc. I have just been in a bad mood/on the verge of tears all day.


I have also been pretty sad since I gave my dog away a few weeks ago. I am sorry I cant talk about it Im getting really upset now.

But all together I have just been trying to stay busy hanging with friends and family when everyone is not at work and just trying not to be lonely.


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Sometimes life is depressing, we all have that.  I have to think back and say: "what if Ray did not have the first stroke in 1990?"  and "what if Ray did not have the two major strokes in 1999?" and there is no answer.  Life is what it is. (((hugs)))

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I understand, we all have a time that we think back, and  "What if", that is the human in us. So have your " time, that i am going to be depress". Then "shake it off".   It is what it is, and you can not go back, have to look forward, Life goes on.  Great idea to be with your family and friends. 


Love Yvonne

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Do what you can and keep yourself busy when possible life goes on every day and you want to be here and not miss any of it....

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It may sound trite but it is good advice nonetheless: Don't focus on what you lost, focus on what you still have. Take care.

--Ron Alridge

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I think about it all the time.

They say not to.


Like trying not to think about what you are looking at.

or try not to think about a robbery or death. only this is mine.


so I think about it. some real losses but are some exaggerated like would I really get that done. mostly I keep thinking about how can I still do what I want. maybe. maybe later on.

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