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we are back from our short vacation & trying to deal with all changes



we just returned from our week long vacation to India. lot of things are changing so mood at home was somber. government cancelled 500-1000 rupees bill to curb black market. Every one was worried on how to get their money deposited in bank without getting into trouble or paying high taxes on it. In India most of transaction happens using cash only. so mood was somber. once we returned home we changed our cable service provider went from cable service to fios so that added more change on how I access my tv, phone or internet. on top of that I updated my mobile with new software update so things changed there. Nothing is sacred any more lol. I know I know these r just inconvenience in life & not disaster which r hard to overcome.






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Yes Asha, just inconvenient changes not disasters.  I learned that from you.  I have a few changes in my life too and it is like sailing, keep adjusting your position.  I'm glad you got the trip to India in but sad that your family there are also experiencing changes that are difficult to manage.

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Change is the only predictable thing in life. I am thinking of changing my uverse for tv in December. That will be different...but it is best for me. Change is buying one little thing...like a sound bar for the 2nd tv. I cannot get it to work.

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