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keep on adjusting your sail to wind of change in your life



In my last blog I was talking about adjusting to all new changes in our life, agreed they were just inconveniences and not disaster. Sue's comment on my last blog is about adjusting our sail to wind of change in our life was so perfect thanks. also read another beautiful quote on change "The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings" by kakuza okakura. All these beautiful quotes gives me strength to adjust with new change. As I am growing older & gaining lot of life experiences I am learning not all changes are bad. Some are thrown in your life for your growth & happiness only. So instead of resisting that change just relaxing & going with flow will be better choice for my own sanity & happiness. There now you all have my new learned wisdom too :)




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Love your  new found wisdom. You are so right , that not all change is bad, but it is what it is Asha, so go with the flow.  


We are Gladiators.



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Then there is me a work in progress nut I am all tangled up in the ropes of the sail tring to adjust it upside down and flailing. I want what my plan was and I feel robbed. How is this a blessing. perhaps to submit to His will and be humbled in my powerlessness and see His love helping me. I cling onto that face of the mountain. stuck sometimes. my word is Relax. enjoy the view. I am trying.


Thank you for sharing Asha. I admire your spiritual journey. I forget so you remind me.

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Hey sister from another Mister

Thanks for sharing your newly acquired wisdom.

Change is inevitable, best to accept and go with flow versus causing distress by working against it.

Be well my friend.


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I'm still making adjustments too and probably will the rest of my life.... I'm just so blessed the stroke I had made me a survivor and didn't take me out and now 13 years later I'm still here.....

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