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some days I feel I can conquer world & some days feel like idiot.



I was thinking about writing things to be grateful about for this year till yesterday. Today I feel so much at loss. can't do any work properly & feels like going in circle can't decide what I want to do in life & how to go about it. okay my life is still great, lot to be grateful about & I have no complaints there. I got amazing family & I am surrounded by most of the people who like me or pretend to. Anyways life goes on. I understand life could have been so much worse than what it is today. I am in good health & still got my sense of humor where I am able to laugh on myself & others. our son is doing great at college & back home for holidays. though he still has student final exam jetlag where his sleep cycle follows his exam cycle & bight owls cycle than us humans lol So I am still trying to find joy of spending waking hours together.




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Me too Asha, we all feel silly some days.  But for a pick me up do compare yourself today to where you once were.  I am sad sometimes being alone now but then I remember some of the bad times from my past and know I am in a good place now.  And no-one pretends to like you.. a lot of them love you and just don't know how to put that into words.   :You-Rock:

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Asha. Thanks for sharing u think many of us feel that every now and then.

Glaf you still bVe a sebsw if humor critical to surviv.

Be strong sis.

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Asha, now you should feel good knowing you are just normal like the rest of us stroke survivors..... At one time early on I thought I would conquer this stroke but I haven't yet it still got a hold on me at my age now.... Only God knows how much longer....

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