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things I am grateful for year 2016



I am so happy Blogs are back. So here is my first blog for year 2017, its copy of post I posted in forum when blog was not available & I needed to blog.


Usually I like to blog about my life every now & then & love the support I get in the form of comments which always encouraged me to post more positives of my life. When I first came to this site in Nov 2004. I was hugely depressed. I never thought I would find joy in living again, & could never feel I belong here. I felt I was too young to be among old stroke survivors & there could not be anything in common between us. I felt as young survivor my issues were very different from others. But fortunately I found blogs on this site & found therapeutic value of it as soon I became active in it. I love comments & support initial mentors & members provided were priceless. that's when one of the mentor on this site suggested me to do things I m am grateful for blog & I loved it & have always done my gratitude list every day. Now that year has ended I want to do Things I am grateful for year 2016.


1. I am grateful I can walk, talk & accomplish almost everything with just one hand.
2. I am grateful I am able to learn new things & enjoy learning them
3. I am grateful I am able to contribute in our home dynamics in whatever way I can so, that does make me feel useful.
4. I am grateful for having amazing family & friends, who has supported me in everything I try to do or get stuck in trying to do something.
5. I m grateful for my husband without him & his encouragement I would have not been where I am today


6. grateful for our son, mom, my siblings & this site without which I would have not find my own inner strength to keep on fighting.
7. I am also grateful that I learn my biggest lesson of 2016 that don't be afraid of change in life.Change can bring in lot of freshness & good things in life, so embrace the change & go with flow.
8. I am grateful I did not fall or break any bones in 2016, & now looking forward to good, fun & exciting things to do in 2017
9. I am grateful google it has made life so easy anything u r struggling with, google it & u got your answer, just now figured out something on windows10 . I guess once a nerd always nerd get happiness out of those things. I tell hubby & kido technology has tendency to make you feel great or dumb within matter of hour lol. when you solve something you feel like queen ofcourse u r feeling like dumb person till u r struggling with it lol


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Asha, so beautifully said I believe we're all grateful for many things we can if we stop and think about it and one of the most important things I'm sure all of us reading this and posting is this site this site has been an absolute Lifesaver at times I'm glad the blocks back up to Asia I've missed you be well my friend Happy New Year

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Such a positive start to the year, remembering the good times., looking forward to even better times.  Thank you Asha for being one of the constant bloggers on here and providing us with such wisdom over so many years.  Happy New Year!.

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