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blogs are back So my world is great again



I was so happy when I tried logging in to site & seeing it working & seeing blogs up & running again. makes me so happy
to catch up on lives of all my blogger friends. Yesterday was great day I had read great reviews of movie hidden figures & hubby & I decided to watch it yesterday & then decided to take our son out for dinner, it was great day ended on very positive note. Watching movie made me realize how far America has come.


Without exception everyone absolutely loved it. there were clapping, & standing ovation in theater when movie ended and I can say without reservation that it deserves every award and all the praise it gets. Here’s how IMBd sums up the storyline: “Based on a true story. A team of African-American women provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.” And from Popular Mechanics, “This was a group made up of mostly women who calculated by hand the complex equations that allowed space heroes like Neil Armstrong, Alan Shepard, and Glenn to travel safely to space. Through sheer tenacity, force of will, and intellect, they ensured their stamp on American history—even if their story has remained obscured from public view until now.” It was amazing nowhere in the movie they depicted women as a weak one, but they were strong women ready to fight for their rights without making big hoopla about it. I was feeling so proud as a bright woman engineer along with those bright ones working at NASA lol.




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Asha it is nice to be back in contact with all my friends too sounds like you're doing very well my friend so glad to hear that all things are going very well for me I finally am getting my disability so I can actually start living again and not just getting by I did have one of my poems published in stroke connections which is powered up it's a quarterly online magazine sponsored by the American stroke Association Under the Umbrella of the American Heart Association and I made a contact with the owner and then editor of an online magazine in our area call Blue Water healthy living and they've asked me to become a contributing writer for them so that I can share my story as a stroke survivor for others who like I did for a while I think they're the only ones my life is so blessed I finally I'm receiving my social security disability I'm loving what I'm doing I'm running a poetry Workshop through the local Community Foundation.

Thoughts and prayers are always with you I hope your life continues to be a blessing miss you sis talk to you soon


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Asha, you are right it is wonderful the blogs are back.  I hope the movie is shown in Australia, if it is I will try to see it.  Women throughout  history have been hidden for so many reasons it is good we are acknowledging some of them now.

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