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things I m grateful for on my 13th stroke anniversary & valentine date combo



Today marks my 13th years as a stroke survivor & like for past 5 years we are celebrating as our valentine date. I am going to follow Tracy's suit & do my things I am grateful for.


1. I am grateful I can walk, talk & take care of my family single handedly. (its fact)


2. I am grateful I don't have any cognative difficulties, & grateful still got my sense of humor intact. Can laugh on myself & others.


3. I am grateful for my family, friends who decided to stand by me & all the friends I have made post stroke. & also who decided to run away from my life they taught me valuable lesson of life, I guess it was good riddance.


4. I am grateful for my family who stood by my side & has made this post stroke journey so much fun & meaningful.
5. I am grateful for everything in my life including my stroke which made me wake up & enjoy every moment to fullest, It made my life more meaningful & I m happy to b still here & enjoying life to fullest with love of my life.




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I think I got about the same amount of years of being a stroke survivor counting from 2004 when I suffered the stroke..... I am just as grateful as you are to have made it this long and can do all of what I do I'm so thankful to God and my wonderful wife......


All the best to you and your family..... We both can say we have come a long way....... I'm paralyzed on left side but I'm alive and well.....

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Asha thank you for sharing I love the idea that I might have to do the same thing post rope life really is an eye-opening experience isn't it it makes life so much sweeter be well my friend and congratulations on 13 years


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I am as thankful as you are for all the years and I'm still above ground........ A big Blessing from God!!!!! 

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