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A Fellow Member got me to Thinking About Goals...Thank You Heather!



Goal setting and accomplishing is a very difficult task for me (It's a stroke thing from the cerebellum). I started out in Speech Therapy by writing my goals for each hour of the day. Pretty micromanaged but a necessary evil. I find myself having the same difficulties again. Thinking, writing notes, planning ahead which is great to do but for me going through my day can feel like a yo-yo. So I have decided to refocus on my daily goals. I haven't yet started speech again but I have a Dr. order that I can and honestly the Speech Therapy helped me the most over all. I have real trouble planning and with timing. I can think all day about what I will make for dinner but I have found myself going back to the same stuff that I've tried to lasso in. I have to plan my meal in steps and follow my plan. I find myself looking at the clock at 8 pm and thinking again about what I am making while my family's tummys begin to growl. I don't really understand how all this works in my brain...organizing, planning, set shifting, order, being timely...and a lot more. I don't know how it works but I sure know it doesn't work well. I always wonder if it will really get easier for me or will I have to micromanage my daily hours from now on. Time to start fresh and make a go of it. Bonnie(my ST) taught me what to do...now do it again. This is like my own little pep talk :tongue: . Whatever works right?


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Tracy, do as much as you can manage, because some task is on a list doesn't mean it is doable.  I used to work from lists and in my busy times, like when Ray was at Daycare, I could get a lot of things finished on the list but other times thing got in the way and I had to jettison some of the tasks.  Pencil in time for you to relax too, you need that time out from busyness.

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Absolutely Tracy, With all this stuff we start with great intentions and then things start to drift off as we think it's become habit. 


So draw a line under it and start again. Eventually it will start to stick, in the mean time phone reminders can be really useful. We all know what to do but having someone or something to give us a little prod helps.  And telling someone else seems to help with that no end.  Thankfully my internal filing system seems to be pretty good still, although I still can't reliably tell myself how long any task will take, other than it'll be sure to be longer than I think.  I've always been the list queen, so all the stuff gets done eventually, but I'm always running late these days.

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Thank you Sue my PT told me to be sure to include rest time in my daily tasks one time. I sometimes just get caught up and it catches up to me. That's great advice.

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Heather notes have become my resource to initiate and finish most things and if I get a little loose in making sure that I make that list then I see so many things just never make it to the end. That's a good way to say it my internal filing system is all out of whack. My husband asks me every night when the dinner will be ready to eat because he takes medicine accordingly and I stumble over those times every time. I try to think ahead and just add more time than what I think because it is never finished when I think it will be. He doesn't quite get that lol, at least not yet. I think having to do it though is probably good for me. I have also been setting reminders on my phone when I remember. Maybe that is something I need to write on my lists...reminders about setting reminders lol.

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Oh the joys of infinite regression :) If I'm going the reminder route I try do it when I make the list. Or I do it as I review my list in the morning.  I even put a recurring appointment in my work calendar that says " go home heather - you've got yoga tonight" :) Who ever thought you'd need as reminder to leave the office on time.  Especially as I look forward to my yoga session and Brodie usually sends me a text message mid afternoon to get a status update on how the body if feeling today so she can plan the workout.

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I know right? I've never been a great list writer until now. Writing it is easy...remembering to write it or rembering where I put it if not in my planner is a different story lol. I also want to really try yoga. My local YMCA offers it as a class and I'm hoping this next year I can afford a membership. They also have water yoga and water aerobics in an inside pool so it is year round. I'm going to make this a hopeful goal for next year.

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