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Update About my Christmas To Do List



I am so happy to say that I am halfway through my list. This list I made instead of a New Year's Resolution because I wanted to see it happen. New Year's Resolutions have not been keepers for me but this is a list I can mark off - 10 things. Five checked!!! Today we put up the wall tree and even decorated around the living room a bit. Yesterday I made a simple Holiday Wreath and have it hanging on my door! I also put garland and ribbon up outside! I got an apple scented candle and today we decorated the jar with lights. The most important thing so far is that I completed the cookbook that I have been making for my family this Christmas...it's been a year long project and I think my best so far!!! I do have make Christmas Cookies on my list and so I started already by buying an inexpensive set of Holiday Cookie cutters...it has everything stocking, gingerbread man, gingerbread woman, Christmas tree, a candy cane and a snowman for 1.99! I just realized I am over halfway completed. I forgot to check one. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


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Now all you gotta do is make the cookies, cut them, box them up and go door to door selling cookies to many buyers in the neighborhood and more probably.....

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Tracy :


wow you are on fire. congratulations, It feels so great when we accomplish some things off the lis. I bet its begining to look like christmas at your home,



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