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Being Thrifty at Christmas



Being thrifty at Christmas is one of those things that I don't enjoy. I don't spend an enormous amount by any means but maybe one gift and a card seems hard to me. I shouldn't complain...my Christmas check off list is coming along well, I get to see my mom and family this Saturday and just the whole atmosphere at my mom's is magical. All the grandkids get presents and all the adults get money (the same amount each year) which has made us all cry at one moment or another just out of need and feeling all their generosity. We all look forward to the cards our mom gives us (my sisters and brothers) because she writes in them every year and there is never a dry eye. There's just a lot of love in that house especially at Christmas. I know I will feel it but I won't be able to give presents to my mom or step-dad or put in a present for the clean version of dirty Santa. I just want to give back. At home we are going to have to be so frugal with Christmas that we may each get a small gift or one that we will all use. We've had to do this before so that's something I'm prepared for. I don't think Christmas is all about gifts...I just love to give. It makes me feel good inside. I have been working on a cookbook all year for my family and have it all finished and ready to print but we found out it was going to cost like $300 to get it printed for everyone. :( I intended on putting the pages in page protectors and into a 3 ring binder that can be added to.So now I am considering sending the cookbook around electronically and allow each family to decide if they want to print it or keep it on the pc. I've worked so hard on this project and put my heart into it including how I wanted to present it to each family. I can wait and save up money and do this later but that means no gift giving at all for me. That's just hard. But I know how it will be because we have barely $20 to get down there and back and both hubby and daughter do not get paid until next week's Friday. This is really just a good way for me to vent and let off that pressure a little I feel inside myself.I know this Christmas will be a blessing none the less.


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Tracy, I think we have all been there at some time.  I remember one year we were out of money and had a home made present Christmas where I got gifts like a comb case and plants grown from seed and a whole range of drawings from the kids, that made me just as happy as more expensive gifts.  And all we had to eat was a tin of ham and the usual salad vegtables and that was fine too.As long as it is given with love who cares?

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We have certainly all been there.  My family now does a KK gift swap so we receive and give one present only, Although if someone wants to do more we don't discourage them.  Also our KK gift value is unspecified, so you spend only as much or as little as you wish to. Everyone is asked to nominate a list of 4- 5 things they would like, and again you can use the list items or whatever strikes you as something that person would like. We also often "give" tasks or jobs that we know the receiver will have trouble doing for themselves.  So my nephew this year got a service for his electric guitar, because one of his brother's in law has a business that does this and Lew can't afford to get it done himself at the moment, so the gift includes both the parts and the labour.  Last year I received "clean balcony windows", which was a real godsend as there's construction work happening next door, and the reality is it's a job that completely wears me out.  The year before I received a catalogue of my DVD collection. So use your imagination and you'll find there are gifts you can give that don't cost you much more than time and energy, but that make a real difference to the people they are given to.

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Thank you Heather for the great ideas! I'm sure I could get creative this Christmas. It's definitely something I can work to move towards. I bet it would beat not being able to give anything! :)

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