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Scary Neighborhood Moment



I hope I helped someone...this morning I heard a big bang or pop and it scared me it was really loud and close and sounded like a gun. Moments later there was a guy and a girl in the street and he was punching her in the face :wacko: I called 911 and the police came 1 then 2 cars then 3 and 3 more undercover cars with cops who had protective vests on. It's been over and hour and 2 policemen are still there. It was scary! I don't live in the best neighborhood so I pleaded with the officer to please keep me anonymous. I think that the guy had taken a bat or tire iron to the young ladies car lights and I think that was the pop. Anyway I hope she is ok and I hope to not see anything around here like that anytime soon!!


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Tracy, I know what you mean. I live in the county. On 1.25 acres. Our street is dead end on both ends and I and 3 neighbors live on one end. We keep our gate locked as our house is at least 200 ft from the gate. When I first moved here the police usually came to the other end of the street every weekend. Meth dealers. Finally they cleaned up that end of the street. It's usually peaceful now. 

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Wow, that is scary.  Mostly our neighbourhood is pretty quiet but occasionally there is a domestic violence case from close by.  i hate to think of violence in the home but know it can be there.

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