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Twice In One Day!



It must be a full moon because believe it or not craziness happened again on my street. This time two girls were fighting and two guys were trying to break it up. One guy was standing between the passenger seat and the door of an SUV and the lady in the car hit the door and it closed on this guy. Then the lady in the SUV rammed into her car then they both backed up and ran into each other. I called 911 for a second time about totally different people and told them they better get back over here pretty quick cause by that time both girls were out of their vehicles again and fighting. Then another car shows up and a guy and a girl jump out and then the girl commences to try and beat up the girl in the car. The girl in the SUV had called them it must have been her friends. All the while the two boys were trying to keep them apart. The police finally arrived and made everyone stay. I could hear them blaming each other which pretty much is true except the car rammed first. Come to find out the lady in the car had an infant in the backseat!! and the lady in the SUV was pregnant!! :nonono: Way to go morons! The fire dept. showed up and a wrecker had to come and get the car. Another hour and a half of craziness!!!!!


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