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Blogs are back and I am excited!



It's seems so long since blogs have been available and a big than you to Steve and team for being able to bring this great thing back online. Holidays are now passed and we are enjoying the beginning of our new year! My birthday was Dec 2nd and we decided my birthday and Christmas would be after the New Year because money was an issue this year. I am looking at 2 of my gifts which arrived this past week and I've been told no opening until they all get here. I am patient but I see them here on the table every day beautiful material bags wrapped closed with a white ribbon. I can even feel the boxes inside!!! I sorta feel like a kid again when waking up Christmas morning and running into the living room to see all the gifts under the tree. It's exciting!


All is good here and winter has already given us some snow! Not a lot but enough to enjoy is beauty. Over the holidays I was able to see both my mom and stepdad as well as my Dad and stepmom. I also had a great time visiting with the rest of my family. I sure miss them. I did have to battle a camera flash about 4 times until I could get it out that I couldn't watch that. I didn't even think about that until that night. It was like when it flashed a jolt of lightening hit me and I went blind for a moment. Needless to say I wasn't the same the rest of the evening LOL.


I also got most of my Christmas Want To Do list which I did instead of a New Year resolution. I was proud that I actually got so many of them done and had I not made my list to guide me I'm afraid I wouldn't have. All in all it was a good ending to 2016 and now it's been a year and a half since my stroke. Things are starting to feel better, different and I'm accepting things or starting too and it helps me to feel good about myself. Here's to the progress of 2017 and to all of you!


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Tracy :


Happy New year, I am also so excited blogs are back & I got to read your happy blog where you are settling into your new normal. once you start having fun in your new normal life post stroke is just different not good or bad just different.




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Hey Tracy, so nice to see you back in the Blog Community.  I missed the blogs so much as I felt as if I was cut off from my friends here.  Your blog is so uplifting, yes indeed, a new normal, a fresh perspective and the excitement of things to come. Happy New Year!

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