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After The New Year



Things are all quiet now after the holidays and I have been more tired than ever needing a nap each day this week. I'm still in the process of some psych med changes and that doesn't help. My husband has been working nights during his training at his new job but this will end soon. Our king size bed feels really big when he's not there with me. I think I have gotten into a habit of going to sleep a bit later than usual so this could explain all the naps. Whatever it is its sorta blah.


I did however have some excitement in the last week. We had our Christmas after Christmas! I got a big fluffy white comforter because mine was way past done. I love it! I also got a pretty necklace that has a blue crystal in it and on the back is silver and it says "I love you to the moon and back" and I adoree it!!! My husband was having difficulty giving me my last 2 presents. He wanted me to know they aren't really presents but he wanted me to experience something new. When I opened them it was a light up electric cork screw and a wine aerator. I never drink anymore so I understand now why he was hesitant to give them to me. He told me he wants me to try some after being put through the aerator that it is much better and he knew I didn't have any drinks anymore not that I ever have but he wanted to show me something I haven't experienced. All in all it was a great Christmas and I feel so blessed. We are helping my daughter buy her first set of tires for her car for Christmas and my husband got a very nice watch (a diving watch). It was just what we needed to bring a little cheer into the new year.


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It is nice to get presents, the comforter sounds great for your cold winters, and jewelry is always nice, especially if it is inscribed with a loving message.  . 

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Tracy :


Thats great you guys had great chirstmas break. Its very sweet & thoughtful of your husband to get you all these gifts at our home we don't exchange any gifts always go & buy whenever we need something that way both of us are not attached to any material things, they all bring joy for short time. So I believe happines is a choice.



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I think you are right Asha. We are very practical gift buyers usually but my husband believes in giving a romantic gift 1st. (the necklace) I have learned for my family its not the presents at all many times we'll put any money set aside for Christmas together and get something we have all been wanting and needing it's just as special!

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the necklace will bring you memory and reminder you are never alone in that bed and covered with the love of your family. Try a nice glass of red wine for healthy heart as long as person is not AA then it is great chic thing to grill wine and dine.


After Xmas is great time to shop sales for new stuffs. Stuff is fun but of course not happiness. I still enjoy trnkets after not having any belongings.

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