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One phone call



My oh my how one phone call can change things. Last week I had an ultra sound of my liver. The local va has been watching a spot on my liver for almost two years now. This last six month check showed it has grown a bit. My doc called 4 hours after the test and said he wanted an mri to be sure. He does not feel it is serious but wants the mri to see exactly what is going on. It is scheduled for January 18th.


Soooo, all the travel plans due to start this week are out the window. The driving lesson for Lesley in the motorhome has been postponed as well. Looks like Christmas will be her in TN and not FL as planned. We called some friends we are to meet up with in January in FL to let them know we will be delayed a few weeks. Turns out they are going to be as well. Sometimes things just work out after all.


We were initially upset, but now have settled down and are actually looking forward to having nothing particular to do the next few weeks. Read books too long on the shelf, do some small honey do's that have been put off too long, get to know my bride a bit better, etc.


A brief catch up on the quick trip we took to MN in October. Great trip and reunion with friends, some late season fishing, and watching football on the outdoor TV in our motorhome with Lake Superior in the background. Lesley drove some on the trip and was getting pretty confident by the time we got back. We are getting used to how everything works in the motorhome and love it more each time we use it. BTW, the dental work for Lesley cost all of $650 in MN instead of the $14000 quoted here in TN. Hmmmm.


Health wise except for this liver spot which does not appear to be serious, most everything is good. I do get more frequent visits from various aches and pains, but all is basically OK.


Anyway, life goes on, Lesley is cooking some great smelling stuff I will be partaking of soon, I woke up breathing today and the sun rose in the East this morning. Life is OK here, and i will soon have a cup of tea instead of coffee. Lesley has converted me.


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All the best to the two of you should you find the time to go in the RV again soon... I sure did enjoy mine but had to sell it when this stroke came calling my name and lively hood.... I'm down to my SUV and my scooter I haul everywhere I go since the stroke 13 years ago now....

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George :


I hope & pray it will be nothing, getting checked & get to the bottom of it is good idea.  please keep us updated. I get amazed by people who can travel in motor-home. I can never envision us doing those things. cabin camping is only thing we have done in past, & now with my disability I would like to have basic comforts in life lol.


Enjoy each day given to us to fullest



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George, nothing like a nice cup of tea.  Sorry about the liver spot, hopefully nothing to worry about.  Enjoy your time at home.  Yes, I've got a lot of those books on the shelf I wish I had time to read.  Won't wish too hard through as the only way I find time is from something like sitting with one leg in plaster or a similar event so I will not tempt fate.


Big hug to Lesley too.  Us Antipodeans have to stick together. Have a good holiday-at-home.

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