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Back on track



Well the MRI is done and all is well. The spot on the liver is harmless according to the dr. Just a broken blood vessel. So all the travel plans have been reset and modified. We are now leaving the day after the Super Bowl. Lesley has reset her driving lesson and rebooked the campground for us. It is sooooo nice to have her helping to do such details without me having to do it all. She is now more computer literate than I am in some areas. The trip had to be shortened to three weeks because Lesley has an aunt in California who turns 90 early in March. We will be back then so she can fly to the party for her aunt. The dogs and I will hold the fort here. Because of the shortened trip we will be only going to Huntsville, AL to see the NASA. Space Center there and then on to visit some friends in Louisiana. Not sure how we will come back to TN yet but we will find a way.


Some good friends of ours are looking at leaving where they live in SC. The nest is now empty, both are retired and the house that has worked for them for many years no longer seems to fit. They are looking to maybe leave SC and move to TN or NC. Naturally we hope they willl wind up in our area but are trying to give them information without being to biased and talk them into something that will not work for them. They also want to get an RV and travel. Since we live in TN and also RV and love both, we want to make sure we just give them facts and not try to sway them just because we want them to come here.


Lesley has booked a trip to see her mum in New Zealand in May. Mum will be 95 in Sept, still lives alone, no longer drives but is still active and bright.


We have become stand in grandparents for a 11 year old girl and 9 year old boy. They are the children of a couple we know in MN. Lesley and the young girl talk nearly every day and spend an hour or so on skype knitting and sharing time together. I have also helped the young girl with her math homework. They are both being home schooled and she has a bit of trouble with math, which just happened to be something I was fairly good at many years ago. I will say that asking me to look back and help her with things I learned 48 years ago is a challenge! I just this week sent the boy a complete Erector set made in the 1950's. he is into Lego and has done most of them so it seemed good to give him s construction toy that is not limited to one model but can become whatever he wants. The girl just got a horse, so Lesley has been helping her buy bridles and such. She is also helping her make and sell knit and crocheted items online. Wow, neat!


A few days ago a neighbor saw me working under the motorhome and came over and asked if he could help me. I said, "be careful what you wish for or I'll have you up on the roof soon". Soon he was in fact up on the roof since I no longer wish to get up there. I and Lesley much appreciated it. We do live in a very nice area. I tell Lesley people around here must take "nice pills" everyday. They are nice.


Well time to go now, my tea cup is empty.


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The RV world is a good place to explore I did it for years until I sold it and bought a new home we had built and got off the travel scene for good..... It would have been too much after a stroke.....

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George, where in NZ is the 90 year old, Not full address, just area please!


Fred, where have you been? Some of us have been putting messages on for you to ask how your wife is?



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George, glad you are back on track and ready to roll.  May is a good time to hit New Zealand, before it is too cold.  Happy travelling.

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George :


Thanks for updating us, I am glad MRI showed all is well in your world, thank god & all your travel plans are on again.Enjoy. I have noticed people in south are much nicer & less hurried, & ready to help out others in need., unlike here in north. every one is running late & trying to accomplish too many things in short time. So no time to think about others.



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