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Hello 2017



Hello all,


It has been some time since I have done anything here. I told myself that I just need to post and stop thinking about it. I am happy to see another year. Holiday time was hard with my brother gone but I look forward to healing more this year. I have tried to keep myself busy so I just won't get bored and dwell on his death. I don't want to get into another seasonal depression. I want and choose to be happy. His death still hurts but I am still making peace with it.


If all goes well I will finally get to go overseas in April. In fact this year should be a nice travel year for me. I like being to be go out and seeing different things,places. It helps me to cope with life.


I also am on a plan to cut some of my doctors down and not add another once one has been cut. I see so many specialist like everyone else. I am young, but they are hard to keep to up with. I'm also tired of telling my story. I feel like writing it down and say here, this is my story and little about everything you need to do.


I'm also looking forward to Spring. It hasn't snowed here thank goodness, but it's cold. I hate the cold because the CPS really starts acting up on my left side.


I hope everyone is well and hopefully I will not be a stranger again. This place has helped me a lot the past to two yeas after my strokes.


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Glad to reunite. I am happy you will go out and live. Please share your adventures.


Yes C P S bothers me in the cold. I wrp my legs in layers of blankets that are light sherpa.

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Great to see you back blogging and i al really glad to see your positive approach to the New Year.  Yes, you would be looking forward to Spring, Ray suffered in winter too.  We do not have a cold winter here but I also always welcome Spring.  ((((hugs)))

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More power to you and great goings in your health and recoveries soon.... I'm waiting on more recovery for my conditions too.....

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