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Going to new primary doctor



Later today I must go to new primary  doc. I hope this one will be satisfactory and keep me functioning. 

I am hoping she will find out why I am so fatigued falling asleep and get all my referrals for therapy. I do not want my therapy to end. 

In my last PT session the guy said you can walk with a cane now. Well I have been able to but the concern was my balance out in the big world where my vestibular system breaks down. I was told no not yet.  I felt his saying go ahead with cane was rushing me out of therapy. He said all I needed to do was the 3 exercises at home. I felt like the cat thrown outside. 


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Pam :


therapy is all depended on what insurance benefits covers & demands your care accordingly. you are thrown off in outside world to live on your own whether you can or not. It adds lot of stress on family members, but real recovery  of new normal begins  when you come home, that's for sure, even when you feel so scared to come home.





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walking without a cane for the first time is scary and I still look drunk sometimes without a cane but if there is anyone who can do it... I have all faith in you ?

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I live in a nursing home because I need supports that have not changed or improved. I wish to move but I must be patient until I have all I need to change my living arrangements. I have new social worker here yet again so maybe I can get to independent living. Otherwise I am in 5 star hellhole.

I have severe pain that is not relieved from RFA enough to make a difference in meds. I will get 3rd in summer. I hope it is the charm.

I like my new doc. She gave me more therapy. I am waiting for the call. I chose a new location and new therapists for speech and P T. I believe in it. I see that new therapists have new tools.

My goal is to run again. That is too lofty. I hope to get more than 3 basic exercises. I want more therapy because I lack home environ. I would be in bed all day.



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