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another AHA moment on super soul sunday



Sunday is my favorite day. It is my own spiritual  awakening day with super soul Sunday. I love waking up late on Sunday morning & start my day with nice cup of coffee first with political shows & then enjoy my super soul sunday on oprah's OWN channel to cleanse myself of all dirtiness of politics lol. As you all know I  take whatever I like from all religions & believe all paths lead to one Supreme God.  I am not religious person though I am spiritual person.  According to our Hindu scripture our Karma creates our destiny, that was very hard pill to swallow for me after my stroke thinking why me & feel ing very helpless that it was in my destiny to go through this hardship in life. I found comfort in Christian beliefs that Suffering in life wakes you up & makes you the person you were meant to be. While going through Suffering asking What this trouble is trying to teach me in life. How you are going  to react  to this situation made me feel much better and most of it in control of my life when I was feeling so out of control & helpless. How would you react to your situation was most powerful tool for me to snap out of my why me  thinking.




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Thank you it ashaJyou truly are my twin sister from another mister I love reading your posts you always add me on my spiritual journey I love you my friend be well


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