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this cat do have 9 life



Yesterday We had major head on collision car accident. airbags from all sides popped up luckily we just got whiplash injury &back & neck pain. It was surprising we came out of unscathed from that accident, & still here to count our blessings. This was my new Subaru car with all safety feature which saved us  from getting seriously hurt. looking at my all past accidents, stroke, it feels like I am cat with nine lives & feel invincible :D. I have gotten hit by 18 wheelers & did not even get whiplash back then, then got hit by car while walking on walkway & still here. in between there was stroke & still here & thriving. So I got feeling my job here on earth is still not done. positive thing out of all this, that our teenager son called me  & was so worried about me, telling me mom don't do this I need you made my day. I told him not to worry I still need to dance at his wedding & play with our grandkids. So I am still here & you all are stuck with me too






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my god asha!! I am glad you are still here. I read something lately along the lines of what you were saying "everything works out in the end. if it hasn't worked out yet it isn't the end."  myself also everything hasn't worked out yet(lol). and I am playing with a shrinking deck.  its like a handicap in a race, it gives us a little more of a challenge.  again I am happy that you and your family are alright.

kind regards,


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Asha so happy you guys are ok after such a serious accident. Scary!!! You always know how to find the positive in something! A trait to be admired.

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Asha, so please that you and family are Okay.  I understand what you are saying, i said after my stroke, and the fact that I have been in hospital six times with High Blood Pressure, and other aliments , I feel god is not finished with yet.  Take care, just please everyone is okay.


God Bless 



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God bless you and fami)y Asha.  Quick healing but take time to wait for it.

Take time to ponder and wander.

Yes David and do not go quietly to said end.

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