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some days good some days not so much but oh well I m still here



I am by nature fun loving person like to be always laughing cracking jokes on myself or hubby. hubby can find good in any dire situation where as I can not, but having him by my side, I know we can get through anything in the world. any how some days I feel so grateful to be still here & love my life, some days feels like blah. I guess that is how life is for every one. In summer hubby usually play volleyball with his friends in park while I walk in their beautiful walking trail of park. ran into some woman who told me oh great keep on pushing & if you exercise your hand then maybe that will start working too, I get very offended when people assume & make that kind of comments, though after talking with her I found out she was brain surgery survivor too though for her everything started working thanks to her therapy was her claim.  though knowing she was survivor that made me less angry though I educated her about how every brain injury is different than others, & you can not compare your recovery to mine to make any judgments on it.


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I know you are a fun loving and very inspirational person to me and I'm very glad you are here to share your funniess :biggrin:

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Asha I have to fully agree with Kate I'm glad you're here to share your inspirations when I look at it I'm having more good days than bad days so I'm thankful for that I'm also thankful that I'm able to put my thoughts and feelings down on words then create a poem that I can share with all of you there's a couple good ones coming up one is called hope the other is recovery I've got two more than done for the down the line no pity please and As Good As It Gets

Be strong my friend waiting for hubby and kiddos but for all of us as well be blessed and be a blessing


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1Asha it is hard when they do not realize they say the thing that hurts not helps. You enjoy life to fullest! Keep on enjoy your journey. You help more than you are helped usually. that is ok.

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I think we have all been there, opened our mouths and said something that seems right to us but so wrong to someone else.  I have got to the stage where I try to think before I speak but still manage to say the wrong thing sometimes.  I have learned that no two strokes are the same, no two recoveries are the same so I like to ask people how they are doing and hope that whatever I say after that is appropriate.  I know for me I have to keep on enjoying life as much as I can and participating in life despite the set backs that occur from time to time.

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Asha, I should also try harder to filter what I say.  I'm so proud of you for informing her about the various kinds of brain injury, and how we can't forecast someone else's recovery time based on our own.  It's something that she should have already known!!

BTW, every Monday I put on my calendar "Asha in chat room this evening", but something else always interferes.  Please don't give up on our Monday evening fun, ok?  Hugs to you

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