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ok today is bit of blah day nothing I can do quickly. I am slow in learning, person I carpool with who is my brother not very pleasant always ready to pick fight so while carpooling he will rather listen to his sports radio station then talk. Anyway yesterday I almost lost balance while getting out of car luckily able to grab person near me & did not go down. but I know falling with me is very very easy. my ankle from my car accident finally healed to be able to put weight on without feeling pain. so life goes on. On the pleasant side kido is coming home tomorrow for his summer vacation, though he is adult now & busy with his own things, he will be studying for his medical entrance exam, so we will be not travelling anywhere this summer.





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I know that you are a smart cookie but I ask if this could/maybe be those around you ,as with those around you, are putting to much pressure on you?  I mean this lovingly 

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Asha, we all have people in our lives who try to bring us down, the idea is that we try and maintain a happy attitude within ourselves if we can. Sorry you almost fell, that is not good.  Maybe your husband could ask him to look out for you more.  Enjoy kiddo being home, they grow up and seem more remote but it's still great to have them around. 

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Luckily you did not go down. falling is easy for me too. your bro probably not cheery for some of his own problems he is lost in. Sorry you feel left out for a sports station. You bring sunshine. But sometimes cannot break through clouds gathering. Stay focused and try not rush away although I understand why.

Enjoy son return.maybe a short visit as a study break perhaps

 I know sometimes prep class and tutor helps.

It will feel great to have son home sleeping.

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