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its new day & I am here to enjoy life''s all blessings



Its Saturday I am surrounded by my family who I love dearly yes sometime they do drive me nuts my mom, brother, sisters, hubby & kido every one lol. but I love all of them with whole of my heart, & can't imagine my life without single one of them. Anyway today its rainy day. made sure hubby did not put his early morning alarm on weekend & he listened :D. So woke up on reasonable time 7:30am feeling happy  & good about life. Today its rainy day which means lot of birds on our feeder & free entertainment for us during our breakfast. of-course it was just two of us since kido is owl & we both have become that old couple early to bed early to rise. just other day talking with my best friend & reminiscing our vacations together. We both were like man never in wildest dreams we had envisioned life will be this great. God has been so kind to us. I feel so blessed to have such amazing partner in life which makes life so easy even with disability.





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Happy Mother's Day I'm glad you pulled out of your funk we all have them now and then a sure sign of progress for me as I have many more good days than bad days you are blessed as we all are for those of us that have survived a stroke God is God is good to all of us when do we do need to thank you and praise him everyday be strong my friend you're such a kind person I love reading your blog


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