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feel like I now understand all this spiritual people's talk



As you all are aware I enjoy spiritual reading & agree with bhagwad geeta, buddha, jesus philosophy. give myself pep-talk every time I feel like giving up on anything in life. my biggest one is, "choices I make today will create my destiny." & my choices every day is dependent on what brings  me satisfaction. & doing things right for my family does make me feel happy. If I get immediate thanks or appreciation it makes me feel good right away. but I have learn that some jobs like raising your child right seeing them successful & happy won't happen overnight. I will see results later in my life. so doing right things today for my family matters today. like I keep on telling our son if you want anything in life give your all as if, if there is no alternative. once done your job right then don't be attached to results. whatever is the outcome accept it realizing god has made  better plans for your life.  I believe in this wholeheartedly. seen in my own life with my stroke & how my life has unfolded after it. Everything that has happened in my life including stroke is for my own growth. life has become so meaningful & great again.


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So beautifully stated coming up in a future newsletter will be a poem I've written call rejoice first line is Rejoice with me I am alive I do think you'll appreciate when you see it I talk about having fun loving the life I'm living most of it anyway blessings be with you and your family I always joke with my wife in spite of our best efforts the kids turned out okay they are all happy which is the most important. thing be well my friend be well wanting title small victories

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That was so beautiful to read, Asha.  I copied your comment:  "choices I make today will create my destiny." & my choices every day is dependent on what brings me satisfaction." to place in a file that I keep inspirational thoughts.  Very useful to look at when I need an uplift. 

You have a great gift for spiritual thoughts and talks!  Still going to meet up with you again in chat room; I may have to set an alarm, too often I don't get around to doing what I plan!  :bye:

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Beautiful. I wish to know how to master it too. I suppose it is making unconscious as well as conscious choices. And the actions that just are not really accidental at all. I wish to acknowledge all my hidden desires and unknown shadows no matter how difficult and learn to love myself unconditionally. 

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that speaks to so many. You have helped me to walk on a similar path and for that I'm very happy you share your knowledge 

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You have such a connection Asha. I think the same or similar would be so beneficial for all of us. To let you know you do exude positivity and acceptance anyone who speaks with you will feel it. Thank you.


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