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Down Day----trying to get up



waycon1.gif I don't know why I am having a down day today.....trying to get this darn house in order, my mother in law and daughter in law are coming in 2 weeks...It takes me 3 times as long to get anything done....My mom always had a "perfect" house....I guess I keep trying to live up to her expectations (she passed away many years ago) I feel I am always trying to live up to someones expectations...my husband assured me the other day, it's okay..you do what you can....we are very lucky you can do what you do....just having a"freaking out" moment today and know I will pull it together ........ should be doing something other than sitting here venting but..it helps to get it off my chest....

Have been worried ...John had surgery in January for malignant melanoma, they couldn't find the main node to biopsy to find out if it had spread beyond the origional site..they did find another nest of malignant cells in the same site..His first CAT scan had some abnormal findings, but the second cat scan was good. he has to have dermatology check ups every 3 months...we drive almost 2 hours one way to the VA hospital since I carried the medical insurance and now don't have any..he is a vet so he can get care (wonderful care) at the VA, my sister 8 yrs older has had medical problems, she is rasing her grandson and he has had some trouble lately, one court day went well and he has one more to go...so I have been worried about them also...I just don't cope so well and tend to get overwhelmed.....I need to just put all this in God's hands and let it go..... nono.gif


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i completely understand that "down" feeling of trying to live up to expectations and being overwhelmed. i worry about everyone like you do, as well. i have trouble "pulling it all together" too. i envy people who can toddle through the day and let everything roll off of their backs like little wet ducks. i guess i am too high strung, type a, perfectionist, WHATEVER, but that doesn't make it any less stressful.


unfortunately, i have no advice to offer, only the comradery of you knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!



KIM pash.gifpash.gif

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Hi Bonnie,

Bad days happen to us all. Just know that tomorrow is a brand new day and things will get better. Don't let the chores and house overwhelm you. Just get done what you have to and to hell with the rest. No one will fire you if your house isn't perfect or properly cleaned. If you do get fired, so what? Less you have to do. Post stroke attitude for women I have learned is compensate, see things differently then you did pre stroke, stop looking at your house and all the rest that we did with pre stroke eyes, we are different now, we have been changed. The secret is to find a way to do it all in a different way, a way that suits our post stroke selves better. Whether it takes us longer or we break it down into smaller segments. But don't beat yourself up trying to do what you once did. That only adds to your frustration.

Sit down, turn on the tv, relax and take a few deep breaths!


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Thanks Kim and Pam....did manage to get a little done today and also some relaxing time. Also working with wet land issues on our property here. The lady from the county came out ....she is happy with the progress we have made and I told her the llamas have a new home

the unexpected visit from her went well...so that is one thing VERY good thing that happened today.so can breath a bit easier on that issue...was actually quite worrisome. I am feeling better about that now.

and as you say tomorrow is another day.........the dust will still be here when I am gone..lol

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Lately I have been having days of feeling really "down in the dumps" and really can't figure out why.


When I feel this way I stop trying to take on the whole day and just take one hour at a time. It really helps me.


I hope your feeling better soon.........


Kim smile.gif

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