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Monday morning rambling



Well I am making some progress on housework...have decided it's not going to be perfect so will get done what I can ......

I miss Pippi and Mocha (our llamas) but it is sooo much easier without them, didn't realize how much time they take...

Made me fell good I pushed to find them new home as John was talking on the phone to his daughter and said...how much less work he has without them and he feels good about the place we found for them. He worked outside this weekend and got quite a bit done. the front yard is looking nice...he got a new toy... a used tractor..this one has a roll bar and is a little bigger so I am not so nervous with him outside on it. He rolled the small tractor twice..... His right arm gets a little sore ..they cut out the melanoma and went clear to the muscle layer...6 inch incision...he is doing pretty well and I reminded him to put his sun screen on...he actually did it..thinks because it is cloudy he doesn't need it...now he understands..he needs it.

Tomorrow I go to dentist....I am terrified of dentists, I have know him for 20 years and I have been putting this off....but it is better than I hoped and looking forward to having a nice smile again... The dentist is giving us a huge break on the price......getting 2 fillings, an extraction and a bridge.......

well back to the house work.....enough procrastinating....


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