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Jessica Simpson v/s Johnny Knoxville?



The Dukes of Hazzard movie is fastly approaching. Hubby has Jessica's video,"These boots were made for walking." already on his desktop. Yes, he loves Jessica Simpson. I am excited, b/c my man Johnny Knoxville from Jackass is one of the Duke Brothers. He is so cute, and has that Southern accent.smile.gif

Not much, to say, I was just hoping this would make me go back to page 1. It is dark, and moldy on page 2. Smells like a storage shed.

I was so glad to see my girl, Post back in the blog world.

Big Brother starts tonight!!! One of my vices is the reality show Big Brother on CBS. Phone is going unanswered, kiddo is getting away with murder, as long as I can have this hour to escape from the real world, and get away mentally.

Lots of love,


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Enjoy your hour escape. Yeah it was good to see Asha back in blog world.


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