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Pity party is over..



I am sure, that I am in some form of denial here from the Stroke. I sometimes, feel, I do more comforting to other people, helping them come to terms with my stroke. I pretend it is okay, and that I am fine, when actuality, I am not. Yes, I have been to therapy over it, and learned the stages of grief....

I went to volunteer at the church today, the attendance was down due to the 4th. I had some feeling of rage, with God, when I opened the door. Maybe I should seek counseling from our church's counselor?? I think, the only answers, I will have to inquire on my own. I also feel funny being open to a church member, than pretending to be a normal functioning member on Sunday. I am weird enough, that my PCP goes to my church.

I really thought, that my life would unfold the way, I had envisioned it. Gosh, why did I fool myself, for all of those yrs.

The pity party, I threw last night, for myself is over, thank you for all those who came:)

Stroke at 27yr old,

now 29-Amy


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I think we are all having our own pitty parties in our own way in these blogs. It's part of the therapeutical value of getting our feelings out in the open. Others here understand what we are going through, so it's a safe place to say what sometimes we don't even want to say to ourselves. You'll get this stuff all worked out..............we all will in time.


pash.gif Jean



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I ditto what Jean said. Blogging is therapy. It is your blog, your thoughts, it isn't entertainment for all who read them. Don't write your blog with all of us faceless voyears reading it, in mind- write it for yourself! Have all the pity parties you need in your blog, it is called working out the kinks towards acceptance.


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next time do your pity party when I m in town, I missed it, in any case you r one wise girl, from ur 10 year plan, u got one woderul hing, which overrides all other mishaps in life, look at the positive things in your today, don't waste planning your future, who to say that 10 years from now we might be all cured and enjoying life more than any of those other people wo still have their blinders on, and go through life without realising that each day is gift from god, so live to your fullest.

we are all here on earth on borrowed time



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