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On my way to a healthier me



Today I am officially a member of a health club!! My daughter is the best! I went into this big bright workout space and toured Planet Fitness. I go back at 1:00 today to go over what I am looking for and to make goals. I can't wait! This will give me several things. 1st and foremost working on getting healthier and with that I hope to lose the weight I have put on since the stroke and maybe even more. This is also a way for me to spend some of my day. I need so much to 'get out'. I have time everyday to work on my goals and just enjoy a new atmosphere all at the same time. I am so excited I just wanted to share!


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Way to go Tracy!!!  Getting fit, keeping occupied and hopefully socializing to  (cup of coffee after a workout seems the way to go in Australia).  Looking forward to you documenting some of your return to fitness adventures.



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Dear Tracy:  Girl, you're on your way to a happy, healthy life!  Not surprised, I knew you had it in you!  Soooo happy  :hug:

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