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blessed to have patient & amazing caregiver who have always lifted me up in our life's journey




I am really blessed person to be married to real patient guy who has always lifted me up  from day we got married, yes he has its own other faults, he is man of very few words, & he is not romantic guy. but he does right things, he is our encourager  in chief. When we first married & I came to this country, we were starting out in this foreign land with nothing but just each other & two suitcase of clothes & some pots & pans. he was making sure to save enough so that he can send me to graduate school, luckily I got job right away in high tech company based on my college education & company I worked for paid partially for my graduate studies. so we were fine, but hubby has always encouraged me to do more in my life, while I was working full time & going to college in the evening, he was my equal support system I can count on. fast forward 10-15 years in my life & I had to go through my stroke  journey  & without this patient caregiver  who has made me thrive back in my life so much easier.  I learnt valuable lesson of  what love really means. Every time I wanted to give up in this post stroke journey he gave me strength, reason & hope for better tomorrow, & glad I persisted, life  has become  so much fulfilling & I love to be around people. I never had thought I would find happiness again. my husband is  is such a patient guy, he never rushed to helped me, & would wait patiently till I figure out how to do things for myself & ready to help me any time  if I ask for any help. Those qualities of his made me more independent & confident in my new abilities. Anyway later in my life after kido went to college he encouraged me again to do more for myself, he encouraged me to learn new things in near by community college & step out of my comfort zone & learn new things, and once again I m thriving & enjoying life again. Anyhow I feel  so lucky to be married to such a great guy who has supported me every day & when he is around me, I know we will be fine whatever happens in our life.






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That's beautiful, Asha.   I'm so glad you both have the kind of relationship that grows together, instead of thwarting each other.   It matters more in quality of life and happiness, than the circumstances of what happened.

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Asha you have a very special husband, exceptional really. I know you appreciate what he has allowed you to do, I know from experience how hard it is to stand by and watch someone you love struggling to relearn old skills. I hope the happiness you two have found together continues as you live out your lives.

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