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found reason for good leg knee pain




ok  found reason for my good leg knee pain, I have torn miniscus in my knee. if it hurts a lot then surgery needed to remove it, but in future it can cause arthritis & knee replacement surgery  or deal with pain meds since knee is not yet so bad that it gives out or locks. you know how the world  feels when you are in pain, sunshine, flowers, warm temp, ocean water, beauty, money all feels worthless when you are in pain lol. how our view on life & world can change in an instant when you are in pain. of course I have very loving family who gets stronger & closer when one of us in trouble, & usually its me cause hubby is stronger tan me in dealing with these kind of things. they both call me high maintenance person since I feel & see their love when they both are by my side & keeps on checking on me by phone calls or texts. Anyway I am old enough to know I still got of positives in my life to focus on in life  than just focus on this little pain






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At least you now know what it is! Often that's half the battle.  Once you know what and hopefully why you know what to do when it's bad.  Pain can wear you down so easily. a hot or cold pack may help for short term relief.

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Asha it's so good that you now have an answer to your pain. My stepmom was just diagnosed with a torn meniscus...she was enduring a lot of pain as well. Her Dr. Has her wear a brace that extends above the knee all the way down to below her calf. This helps to keep her leg straight therefore keeping her knee from bending so as not to get worse. She also has PT she attends 2-3 times per week. She was not necessarily given a time frame for recovery. I hope this leads to improvement for you.

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Hey Asha did you use the words little and pain together?


Yes pain can color your worldview,especially when functioning is bothered by pain, but.one can coexist with pain.Sometimes it means meds. therapy. you get a new routine. that is all.

Besides you are the stronger one or the universe would not send these things to you and not to them. Let them shower love all around you because you return it!

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Sorry you have a painful knee. I've had some pain recently after the operations and know how it tends to take the sunshine out of life. Hope you find some workable solutions. The brace sounds like a good idea but would be restrictive in some ways so maybe some physio would be needed as well.

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