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Happy Mothers day



Happy Mothers day Everyone. hope every one celebrated  mothers day in their own special way. I did too, I feel so grateful & blessed to have wonderful son & hubby who made sure that they follow my orders on what I want to do on mothers day :). and we all had great time together.  We went to see great Indian movie & I  also feel same way how lead role character tells  his son to do when he dies, whistle instead of crying when  he is  gone, that's what I am telling my family too, I m telling my family to do the same, whistle with joy that I lived my life with full of joy.


I am thankful for this stroke also which gave me second chance to enjoy my family  and this world with complete different perspective. I am grateful for all new opportunities, friends, books I have encountered post stroke which has made the person I am today.  life is great  once again with full of meaning & joy, nothing I do any more today without appreciating the fact that I feel so lucky to be able to do simple things in life. who would have thought doing home chores & going to bathroom without audience can bring so much joy in one's life, I agree so much with Diana Nyad who says when things gets tough in life you have to find a way. I do feel with supportive family & my own initiative I have found a way to appreciate all days. Since I have seen in my own life after dreadful day sun eventually comes out, it  is just behind those clouds, all I have to do till then, is  just keep my head above water & not drown myself in self pity.





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Happy Mother's Day to you Asha.....you have such a positive attitude, there is nothing you can't accomplish.  





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You are a blessed mother Asha, one child here you raised and are so proud watching him grow to manhood, and one child,who is with you in spirit and waits to hold you some day in the future. You were spared to live this life to bring joy and knowledge to your family, and to allow them to continue to love and hug you. And you are valuable contributer here full of practical and spiritual advice.

Yes we are prepared now in new ways, if we are called by the siriens again.

Glad you had special day doing your idea of fun day. my idea too.

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