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4th anniversary



This year is more about acceptance,coping, and building a life around what I have. 


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4 yrs.   Happy anniversary 

Acceptong,  coping and building

Sounds like a gpod plan. Don't  get discouraged if you stumble

Just regroup and get bsck on trsck


Best wishes,



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Pam acceptance is not easy, it is a constant struggle but sometimes the best things come after a long struggle. (((Hugs)))

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Pam :


I know acceptance is not easy, but once you make peace with it,  & start playing cards you are dealt with best of your abilities, life becomes very enjoyable.




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Congratulations Pam...Your future looks bright. Acceptance is a huge stepping stone. Coping and building your life after is the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙋

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I’m glad that you are dedicating this anniversary towards acceptance, I cannot even imagine all you have done and are doing in your recovery. I admire your perseverance and I hope you are able to achieve acceptance no matter what and how you do it. We all say that acceptance is a crucial part in our recovery, which is very true, although we all don’t share the same outcome. So whatever you do, however you do it, I hope you find peace and happiness within yourself. And do it with sassiness.

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