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No, I 'm not ready yet!



No, I 'm not ready yet.... I went to Wal-Mart today, and saw, that they have the school supply list out, and all the backpacks, etc. I didn't realize that they got the back-to-school things out so early. I am not ready for my baby to start Kindergarten, I know I can do it, reality is just hitting home. I still have until the end of August home with her, then I will need to find a support group for mom's of Kindergarteners:) I am looking forward to volunteering, and being active in her class. I better go and get ready for her last day of swim class.




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I have to chuckle at this.


I know it's hard for the kindergarten to start up, but give it until the Junior High days when you will be jumping up for joy when school starts back.



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you sound JUST like my younger sister last year when my neice carolyn started kindergarten. LAST year, NOW, she can't wait for my three year old nephew to join her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cried when my ashley started jr high. it's sorta like the beginning of them "growing up", and it is a mixture of happiness and saddness that caused my feelings. it's very normal, i think, but not easy!!!!!!



kim pash.gifpash.gif

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hi i have to agree with michael on this i know u will miss ur lil babygurl threw out the day but u will get adjusted trust me i know i been there done that

your gonna b one of those moms who a kid can say awww mom i dont wanna go today and she gets her way

u will make it hun


i still miss mybabygurl everyday but i manage and shes 18 and my lil man is 15

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