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not a blog, just a reminder..



This will be easier for me to read, than my non-dominant hand on a piece of paper:

Madeline has a fever, nothing big

8:00 a.m. fever 99.5

1:30 p.m. fever 101.5


No medicine yet, I am going to wait until it gets up closer to 102


She started swimming lessons last Monday, her teacher got sick, and one swimming kid quit coming after the first day, all this week, she has had a substitute, b/c her swim teacher was running a fever, Thanks for sharing with our family:)


This morning, she wasn't hungry/thirsty for breakfast or lunch, she did tell me her throat, and her stomach hurt?? I guess we will wait it out, I know the doc. wants her to be sick with fever at least for 3 days before he sees her.

It sure is nice for her to be able to communicate with me, when she doesn't feel good.

I was just pampering her sickness on the couch, with a blanket, cartoons on, when the door bell rang, her friends wanting her to come outside and play, she suddenly wasn't sick anymore, we are going to pass it around to the neighbors. I think I have read, that the fever will go up, after playing? I will have to reread some info I have on that. She is so prone to get Strep Throat! Her tonsils are honking big! She has a swallow test scheduled, for Aug. 1 at Children's Hospital to check out if she is aspirating when she swallows, b.c at home, she coughs a lot after swallowing. I am sure it is just me being paranoid, but It doesn't hurt to get things checked out, unlike my parents who blew everything off! Even my heart condition!! It wasn't until I was an adult and made choices on my own, that I got it checked out by a specialist! Don't get me started on that subject..

Okay, I'm outta here.



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