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On the road again



Well after my pacemaker implant healed up and now works fine, I also had a heart ablation. The pacemaker keeps the low resting pulse good and the ablation keeps the high pulse steady without meds. So, we are now on the road again heading ultimately for Alaska. We left Tennessee the 4th of May and are now in central Montana for a few days. Lesley’s mum is handling the trip very well, the motorhome is performing great and all is good here now. A few days here in a town called White Sulphur Springs, MT at the base of the Little Belt mountains and we will be moving on to Shelby, MT and then on to Banff, Alberta, Canada for a week.


after that on to Jasper, Alberta for a few days, and then a few weeks of roaming around British Columbia. After that, on to the Yukon and finally Alaska for a month or so. Then a slow return South on a path yet to be determined but will likely include a trip across southern Canada thru Winnepeg and maybe a stop where we used to live in Northern Minnesota. Should be back in Tennessee sometime in August.



we had talked about this trip for many years but never seemed to get it done. Then when Lesley’s mum came to live with us it was decided. She and her late husband had always wanted to ride the rails across British Columbia thru the mountains, but never were able to do it. Lesley and I had planned to see the Canadian Maritimes, Nova Scotia and some other provinces this spring and go to Alaska and British Columbia next year, but now that mum is living with us we just flipped the trips and will do the Maritimes next year so we can fulfill mum’s dream with our motorhome this year.


so we are blessed with good health, a wonderful 95 year old mother to travel with, and the opportunity to do so. I have nothing to complain about, life is very, very good to me at the moment. Yes I had a stroke, yes I still have some deficits and still take a few meds, but all in all life is being good to us.


time for a tea.


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George congratulations on embarking on what looks like a great adventure, hope it is the trip of a lifetime. You have had a stroke but after much struggling now live a good life. Bravo! Now my friend give us some pleasure following your adventures by blogging from time to time and if you can add pictures that would be a bonus for me. Love to Lesley and her Mum.

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Wow George it sounds like a wonderful trip and with wonderful company. That my friend is living. God Bless and welcome back to Tennessee in August (fellow Tennessean myself).

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George :


wow amazing trip, I have never done motorhome traveling, can you take me along, If you can't then keep on posting your travel blogs along with pictures. life seems good when you are having fun. I was feeling bit down earlier, your blog lifted my spirits.


have lots of fun





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Most importantly I'm so very glad you're up and moving again.

May I ask how was the ablation? I'm set to get one this summer

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The ablation was for me anyway, easy. One nite in hosp, no pain or soreness. Resumed normal activity in a few weeks. I recommend it highly. No afib since.

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George so please that everything is going well. Have a wonderful time, that is what life is about, enjoying it to the fullness. All have a great time, please blog and send pictures. 



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