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My sinus Infection.




I am ill.


I will get the antibiotics tomorrow.

I saw my own doc at urgent care, I was not taken seriously by this home, not ill according to them....but news flash...my pain meds fight fever just like acetaminophen.   And my sinuses are clogged, sometimes nose is clear

Hot cocoa,hot tea, apple juice. Hot helps, and sleep.

Will I feel good for memorial day? Please.




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I hope you are better by Memorial Day, take things as easy as you can as stress is not good for you when you are sick.  You need to relax and if you can get some extra sleep.

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Yes rest!!!! My mom also swears by saline nasal spray and after she can blow her nose effectively when sick. She has tried a Nettie pot and can't stand it. It is a good way to help clear nasal passages and breathe better naturally. I sure hope you feel better soon.

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I used to suffer from chronic allergic sinusitis as a kid.  My mother's treatment took some getting used to, but worked wonders:


Mix a medium-size down full of blood-temperature water with a couple of tablespoons full of table salt (amount of salt needed varies with size of bowl).  Submerge your face in the bowl and sniff.  Let the slat water come up your nose and into your mouth.  Take your head out of the bowl, spit out the salt water.  Repeat several time per session, several sessions per day as needed.


It sounds really gross, and the first sniff is really difficult to do (survival instincts kicking in), but it is not unpleasant and it really works.  This was the only thing that let me breathe through my nose in the spring.


I still do it as an adult whenever I have a bad cold or flu and am feeling bunged up. It's a lot easier to snort saltwater now (practice :-)), and it really helps.

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The salt water up the nose certainly helps me! either from the atomiser/spray pump or using the pot/squeezie bottle. you can buy the squeeze bottles from the chemist here, you fill them with warm normal saline solution. it's messy but it really does help.



I hope you are feeling better soon.

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lol yeah all that steamy water helps too, but I cannot do water up the nose except in a spray. 

my trouble is that nose is clear, but facial sinus blocked up. Post nasal dripping. 


But 2 doses of antibiotics and I feel alive, not so foggy brain. I am looking forward to BBQ, but will rest. Most exertion is dressing.


Today is salon day.

pampering sounds good.


ok I borrowed nail polish...called purple reign. it is bright shiny  frosty violet kind. I feel like trying new color in my life. on good days, it is like girl slumber party here. 


I believe prayer works. Thank you.

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I love the sound of that polish. I haven't had polish on my nails since my stroke. With how my left hand sits (fingers curled in) getting it on is too tricky and getting it to dry without major smudging impossible. I make do with a simple buff after the salon cuts and files my nails.


The nasal rinse will help to unblock the entrance to the facial sinuses but if you can't do that eucalyptus and/or menthol oil  in hot water under a towel so you breath in the scented steam is worth a try.


I hope you enjoy your pamper session.

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ok antibiotics working while I try and drink Gatorade red to build back some hydration which can really make a difference. I drank 2 glasses of orange juice tonite, which as a diabetic I do not usually do. But I have been eating oranges too, for natural vitamin C source.I am thankful I felt better to have my family time but I hope to get well so I can get my spinal on  time.


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