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Sitting at Hair Salon




Well, I did it!!!

I got my new highlights...I am blondie!!!

I feel like myself. I feel pretty! 

My hair has thinned so I wondered what this would end in...

But I am getting so many compliments.



I get short of breath, I walked too far outside on the way to luncheon at a coastal restaurant. I pigged out. So, I came back and slept through dinner. I took selfies by the coast to send friend who sent me money to get my new tank tops. I have a blue striped scarf that has one orange stripe...this is my new signature. 


My nurse tonight was saying this is perfect look for me

..and she said It Is,        All About The Hair.

       ok maybe a big chunk is.


Sitting in the beauty shop was hard, the lighting, the checkered floor, and I got through it, just to be normal....get hair style I want. The hairdresser at the home...ah no. Today, I feel wonderful. 

 But it was hard,and people looking just see oh look she can go get her hair...then complain...diminishes ..like a person living with pain does not care about appearance...and I had not done anything.....just weird double edge. folks here ...shoot that supervisor came by at said oh you not in bed...i smiled,said did/ you come to see my hair, joking. I slept 7 hours. now my sleep pattern is messed up.

But...good hair😊🎶🎑🎊🌻🕊


Also wearing my bracelet for Memorial Day..myred,white,blue,flag,anchor,boat,





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Fantastic, so glad you managed to have the new hairstyle you wanted despite the effort it took to get it done. In a way that adds to the value of the deed. Good for you, you did it!!!! 

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I think your "Me" day was awesome. I was a little disappointed when you said people complained but "eff" them. You are one of us, the human race, and can and will always get to look FABULOUS. 


The checkerboard floor, ah yes, my arch enemy. I have that at, of all places, the Neuroscience Hospital connecting wing to the ophthalmology wing. 


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:shocked::lol: OMG Kelli your sound thingy scared the poo out of me it was so loud on my phone ! I am so glad your "me" day really made a big happy splash Pam!

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