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Dan likes to be busy-- I found the perfect pastime, he is scanning things at my work. It is entertainment for him. He feels useful and it is needed. Problem ? What!?? Dan cause a problem? LOL 

He wants to come everyday to my work.... Not practical. But I am doing my best to keep it regulated, in reference to my work. And he gets to leave the home 28 days out of 30, so he is not just wasting away in a nursing home- we will go to grandkid events or to my daughters house or cabin and visit. Dan is doing fairly well right now, we still go through the no eat no drink days. But not so much right now, I keep  the mantra - "if God wanted you, he'd have you."  He lost 2 uncles in the last month and is kinda sad, although we hadn't seen hide or hair from them since Dan stroked, so there is that resentful feeling , that you wish you could rise above.  Its hot here in ND, But we stay indoors for the most part.  The nursing home scratched Dans glasses so Im dealing with getting Dan a new pair, but even something so simple , with Dan and his OCD is difficult. Im thankful to have the nursing home, but at the price tag it carries and the amount of work I do in taking care of Dan am bothered by it. But my caregiving has to have some boundaries - or Dan will run me ragged and NUTS again. But gosh I feel guilty.                                                                  My sister takes Dan to a movie on fridays , giving me that "day off" to work, and sometimes go out with my friend Wendy. Or just go home and vegetate - or like others net flix. 

Cant seem to get the ambition to go and do some good housecleaning- I got to go through stuff and PURGE. 

Over all my depression is better than last year at this time, so I guess thats progress, Im making a real effort to resign that this is my life, DEAL with it.

I've put on a lot of weight  - admittedly mostly alcohol calories.. LOL -- that is what it is..LOL



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Sounds like things are going along more smoothly than normal.....knock on wood, right?   I wouldn't worry about putting on a few extra pounds - it's always easier putting them on than taking them off.   I should know - been on that yo-yo plan for decades.    lol




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Sounds as if you are in a better place right now. The life of a caregiver is all ups and downs as we both know. Scanning sounds an ideal job for Dan and it is great you can have him near you for your own good mental health. I admire your resourcefulness Nancy, you are doing everything you can to keep your marriage alive.

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Nancy it definitely sounds like yours and your husband's worlds are feeling much smoother. That must feel so nice for you both. It's nice to hear you two are finding new and nice ways to cope with whatever life is bringing. I think it is so great that you encourage your husband to want and need to feel useful...that means a great deal to a survivor...and to find things that help with your own responsibilities at work. He is lucky to have you and salute you for going above and beyond. I know it must be so tiring and can be stressful even though. I think it's great that your sister is giving you so much needed help to have time to recharge. Great update. :smile:

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