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I knew I smelled something



So when things started to look okay, working isn’t a fact I’m looking forward for but it is a must, and I was able to get back on track, the reality of my nose finally made sense. Let me explain:

I often said I smelled ‘cigarette smoke’ every time my air conditioner turned on. I said smoke because I couldn’t make a comparison to anything else.  I bought cleaning supplies to clean my air conditioner unit with my father. I had to wait until a cool day and now is the time. We opened the closet door to my air conditioner air compressor thingy, we saw a large puddle of water on the floor. My water pan, for the moisture, was always overflowing.  There is a flap that is supposed to be on the unit where you insert the filters mine wasn’t there. For the past almost every years... I didn’t know so all the moisture from outside is coming directly to my unit.  So the smoke smell I was always smelling is in fact MOLD. I do have two air purifies and they work nonstop. So tomorrow I have someone coming out to give me an estimate for either cleaning or replacement. UGH... When it rains it pours. Just venting... It’s all good. It is what it is. I just came back from a stroke support group luncheon with three other groups (Caregivers, TBI, stroke survivors) I feel ok and tomorrow after I meet with the repair man I have a meeting for tax freezing, for those on disability. That means you pay a set so if it goes up I pay it but I get the difference back at the end of the year then to meditation in the afternoon to end my day. Namaste



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Yes Kelli household repairs and replacements are a fact of life. I had forgotten mold smells like cigarette smoke. I must have a look at my air conditioner I rarely use it since Ray died so it probably may need a service. So many things to do, so little time.

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You're right ugh! In my current position someone else besides myself deals with these kinds of worries. Just that thought worries me about future events. I believe I am a strong, get things done woman. I CAN! I CAN! Your poor nose and sinuses...I hope you are not allergic to mold. I am lol. I would be one big asthma attack. I hope you get reasonable estimates for the repair or replacement. Sending you positive vibes.

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Kelli :


I am glad you got to bottom of that smell you used to complain about. we have worry free contract from PSEG for all of our appliances, its big peace of mind for us when none of us are handyman. Think aout abundance in life & you will attract abundance in your life




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Kelli, my son tried to cook pasta in the microwave the other day without water.


Even though it’s not mould, we cannot get rid of the smell, not matter what we try.


Hope you have better results!

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